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Vision, Mission & Objective

About Us:

Keeping in mind the Upanishadic mantra of “ तमसोमाज्योतिर्गमय,” (Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya) i.e.“Lead us from darkness to light,” Sankrail Anil Biswas Smriti Mahavidyalaya, a college affiliated to Vidyasagar University, was established in the year 2007 in Kultikri which comes under Sankrail CD Block ofJhargram district in the state of West Bengal. Situating at the lap of Jungle Mahal, a region largely inhabited by the underprivileged, economically weaker sections of the society, S.C., S.T., O.B.C. and minority communities in the Sankrail and the adjoining Blocks, the college acts as a beacon to promote and impart higher education among the students of this region, who are mostly first generation learners. The college is the outcome with the genuine and sincere effort of the people of all spheres of Sankrail Block and neighbouring blocks. The College has been named in the memory of a person who has devoted his life for the poor and the downtrodden. The aim of this college is to cater to the needs of students belonging to diverse socio-economic background and cultivates moral, intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional and all round development of its students.

Brief History:

As there were no institutes for Higher Education in the Sankrail Block, as well as in the neighbouring blocks such as Keshiary, Narayangarh, Gopiballavpur-IIin the 2000s, some local social workers and enthusiasts for education formed an NGO entitled Sankrail Block Education and Rural Development Society-a philanthropic Society which had been registered in the year 2003.The governing body of the society formed an organizing committee for the proposed college by the time, which did the usual preliminaries to start an Undergraduate General Degree College in the year 2007. At its nascent stage, the classes were held in Kultikri S.C. High School. Later, in the year 2010, it was shifted on to its present location and building. Since then, it has been trying hard to expand the scope of higher education. Presently, the college follows the CBCS pattern in our undergraduate programme -

  1. B.A. Honours: Bengali, English, History, Sanskrit, Santali, Political Science.
  2. B.A. General: Bengali, English, History, Sanskrit, Santali, Political Science, Education, Physical education, Philosophy.

Visions and Missions:

“Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached”- Swami Vivekananda
The college aims at overall development of the locality and its adjoining areas directly through education and indirectly through participation in various socio-economic, cultural and welfare activities. The teaching and learning processes are carefully designed to ensure the attainment of the following objectives:

  • To provide qualitative and fruitful teaching and to prepare the students for higher education.
  • To provide required technical and vocational training along with general forms of education for employment and self-employment to the students and the unemployed local youth.
  • To provide coaching for various competitive examinations and remedial to the students and unemployed local youth.
  • To develop personality, quality of leadership and good citizenship in students.
  • To render all kinds of assistance to the poor students.
  • To contribute to the development of the Nation by inculcating National values, ethical and moral values, human values like serving the cause of social justice, ensuring equity and increasing access to higher education.
  • To enhance creative skills.
  • To foster global competencies among readers through a uniform CBCS curriculum and through promoting the use of technology.
  • To develop a commitment towards the conservation of Environment with a goal towards sustainable development.


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