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Sankrail Anil Blswas Smrltl Mahavldyalaya,established in 2007 and affiliated to Vidyasagar University Is the out come of genuine and sincere effort of the people of all spheres of Sankrail and Neighbouring Blocks.The College has been named in the memory of a person who has devoted his life for the poor and the down trodden.We feel great pride in this achievement. In the last few years there has been a tremendous development in this area like any other part of West Bengal.Many Demands of the people of this area have been fulfilled.lnspite of this the people feel a long left want ,an institution for l1igher education for their younger generation.The area is inhabited by many poor S.C.,S.T., and the minority community who cannot sfford even the minimum expanses for the higher education of their wards,keeoing them in hostels or boarding ,away from their home.

As there was no institutefor higher Education in this blocks(Sankrail,paschim Medinipur)and the neighbouring Blocks.such as Keshiary,Narayangarh,Gopiballavpur-11,some local social workers and enthusiasts for education formed an NGO Sankrail Block Education and Rural Development Society-a philanthropic Society which had been registered in the year 2003.The governing body of the society formed an organizing committee for the proposed college by the time,which did the usual preliminaries to start an Under graduate general degree College.


Situating at the lap of Jungle Mahal, a region largely inhabited by the underprivileged, economically weaker sections of the society,S.C., S.T., O.B.C. and minority communities in the Sankrail and the adjoining Blocks, the college acts as a beacon to promote and impart higher education among the students of this region, who are mostly first generation learners. The college is the outcome with the genuine and sincere effort of the people of all spheres of Sankrail and neighbouring blocks. It has faced many barriers as this area had faced maoist intrusion and violent disturbances for a long time and yet in spite of that the institution aims develop and empower students through education that fosters knowledge and skills, promotes values of equality, secularism and national integration, moulds character through discipline and rigour and creates an open mind capable of assimilating the best traditions of the East and the West catering to its Vision of “Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached”- Swami Vivekananda The institution also moves towards constant progression in keeping with its mission of dissemination of knowledge, inculcation of egalitarian, secular and non-parochial values among students in addition to the core values of honesty, discipline, courage, compassion, self respect as well as respect for others and promotion of all-round development of the students.


Title of the Practice: Creation of Nature Park in the college campus.

Objective:The institution has a huge campus and the area is surrounded by lot of trees and natural growths.The institution aims to establish a nature park within the campus. It is aiming to start a nursery with a separate section for colourful flowers. It will have a separate section for medicinal plants and natural plants with medicinal and utility values. There will be a separate area for growth and nurturing of indigenous plants.

Context:Biodiversity and saving nature is a burning issue in the world environment. Due to increase in human population, and rapid deforestation lot of indigenous plants are getting extinct and their natural values are lost. The institution in its microscopic way aims to nurture and promote ecological park and biodiversity. These will attract birds and butterflies which add to the beauty as well as nature shelter for their nests. It is important that the students shall understand and learn the value of nature and preservation of nature, incorporate nature in their daily lives and can promote their learning in the nature preservation in their surrounding as well.

Practice:Some of the strategies adopted for nature park preservation are: The institution has collaborated with the private nursery body for maintenance and plantation and preservation of the flowers and plants. “One student one plant” such motto has been promoted by incorporating our students within the system and giving the responsibility of each plant to each student so that they can understand their human and social responsibility towards nature. In the different floors of the institution, provision for water for the birds during summer has been made which is also maintained by the students. Sitting arrangements have also be made in the abode of nature so that the teachers and students can promote nature class or open-air classes in the natural environment The old huge existing trees are being preserved with proper care The medicinal plants are being preserved for social use and experiment The indigenous plants are being nurtured and preserved for the future. Evidence of Success: Growing awareness among students on nature and environment
Future Goals: To start outreach programs on nature and natural preservation
Challenge: Lack of fund


Title of the Practice: Gradual Upgradation of the academics and institutional management toward being digitalized.

Objective: Technology indeed makes administrative and academic functioning smooth,time- efficient and effortless. The institution in spite of all its drawbacks is attempting to increase its facilitation towards students by making the entire system of administration and academia upgraded with the latest technical methods and implementing the ICT methods which shall benefit the functioning of students as well as the teacher and office staffs. The digitalisation shall help the teachers to design the presentation and preparation of their syllabus and help the students understand the changing dynamics of their subject under globalization. Digitally enabled classrooms shall help the students to have a progressive environment of education. At the same time, the office administration management shall become smoother, hassle-free and more efficient as well as completely paper free. Context: We live in essentially a digital era. Staying away from the rapid digitalization and progression is a regressive step and it is necessary to use the power of internet so that increase the accessibility and faster and more efficient way of knowledge distribution than the traditional methods. ICT increases research openings. The use of ICT facilitates the quality of understanding and gives greater scope of performance to both students and teachers. Practice: Some of the strategies used and adopted /started towards the process of digitalization The admission process of the students is completely paperless and done online The record of the students are also maintained in an online database The institutional library has already begun the process of being digitalised admission has The important departments have the facility to use ICT enabled classes. The institution has also has started using CCTV for better surveillance and security. The teachers exchange important information and notice through SMS/Whatsapp The institution has an informative website where all important notices are displayed Evidence of success: The online admission has made the admission procedure fair and hassles free The students are showing progress and interest and are coming up with their own innovative ideas due to their introduction to smart classes.

Future Goal: To 100% digitalize the institution incorporating all the sections.
Challenges:Lack of fund.
The necessity to increase more ICT enabled classes.
The requirement of more Wifi access in campus

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